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Elizabeth Andrews on Serene Isley’s Bound Beauties….


Cassandra, Elizabeth, & Serene - Never Trust a Thief Cassandra and David drag Elizabeth into the warehouse behind our apartment building to get her tied up nice and tight. David has Cassandra hold Elizabeth while he binds her. Cassandra bear hugs Elizabeth pressing her breasts against her own chest. Elizabeth tries to tell them that she’ll give them her atm card and pin number and she can take all her money if she’ll just let her go. She cries out, yelling at the couple angrily. When she gets a little too feisty, Cassandra puts her in a head lock to calm her down while David finishes up securing her wrists together.

The couple forces Elizabeth onto the chair and David gives Cassandra the task of making sure she stays put. After a few moments of holding her with her arms, Cassandra takes a seat on her lap, straddling her legs, and pulls her head back by her ponytail making her squeal. David laughs and sits down to bind Elizabeth’s ankles together with another piece of rope. Cassandra stands up and steps behind Elizabeth to unbutton her blouse after grabbing a handful of her breasts through the thin material. Elizabeth tries to struggle and get out of her grip not wanting to be exposed, but there’s nothing she can do about it. Elizabeth grabs at Cassandra’s legs hoping that will make her stop but she just laughs and runs her hands over Elizabeth’s now exposed neckline.

Elizabeth is insulting them over and over, squealing loudly, and just making too much noise in general. Cassandra asks David to shut her up and David happily obliges her. David tries to shove a bandana in her mouth but when she refuses to open it, Cassandra helps out by pinching her nose shut, forcing her to open her mouth to breathe. As soon as her lips part, David stuffs the bandana inside, stifling Elizabeth’s squeals. Once all the cloth is tucked in her cheeks, David wraps white microfoam tape around her head tightly securing the gag in place. Cassandra mocks her which just makes Elizabeth even more angry. She squeals loudly into the gag, and tries to yell at the couple. David grabs another rope and ties Elizabeth’s ankles to her wrists around the chair while Cassandra plays with her hair.

David asks Cassandra if she thinks Elizabeth is nice and secure. As Cassandra checks out the ropes holding Elizabeth, David slowly moves closer to her and finally grabs her, pulling her arms behind her. Cassandra is bewildered by David’s action and asks him what he’s doing. David tries to tie her arms together but she struggles hard making it difficult. Cassandra is not happy about the betrayal from her now ex business partner. Elizabeth continues to whine and struggle while tied to the chair.

With Cassandra’s arms lashed together at the wrist and elbow, David unbuttons her blouse to show off her cute white bra. She knows what’s coming next and pleads for him to stop. David grabs her by the throat and tells her to open her mouth. He stuffs a big pink panty inside and then uses the same white microfoam tape on her as well. He wraps the tape around her head a few times making sure it’s very tight. David moves on to her tying her ankles next, and Elizabeth’s struggling give a nice upskirt angle showing off her cute panties.

David lifts Cassandra to the floor in front of Elizabeth and with another rope, he ties her ankles to her wrists to hogtie her. With David distracted, Elizabeth reaches back and tries hard to untie the rope keeping her bound to the chair. David finishes the knot on Cassandra and then sees Elizabeth pulling on the ropes as she unties the knot. He’s not happy about her escape attempt and plans to make sure it can’t happen again. He pulls the rope tight telling her that this is going to be unpleasant. Elizabeth pants and whimpers loudly into the gag, crying out as he pulls the rope extra tight for her little misbehavior. She manages to lose a shoe in the process and it falls a foot or so away. David leaves them alone to go get his next captive and they struggle hard, pulling against the ropes, Elizabeth missing her one chance to escape. Her eyes beg to be let go, matching the desperation in her sobs.

David drags me in with my arms pulled behind my back. I ask him who the girl on the floor is and what he did to my roommate Elizabeth. He ties my elbows together behind my back and I look in horror at the other two girls. My wrists get bound together next and then I get shoved to the chair beside my roommate. He grabs a bandana and I try to tell him that I’ll be quiet. He says he knows I will and stuffs the whole thing in my mouth and wraps microfoam around my head so tight you can see a concave mark. The tape is so tight that the elasticity of it peels the end off and David has to put it back in place.

David ties my ankles next and it seems like he wrapped everyone’s gags a little too tight as the microfoam continues to peel off their gags as well. He gets them back in place then comes back to unbutton my blouse. He leaves us all bound and gagged, taking our keys to go clean out our apartment. Elizabeth and I try to maneuver to get to each other’s ropes in the chair but we can’t manage it, the chair leg gets stuck and I can’t get it to shift. We’re stuck here until someone notices we’re gone.
Cassandra Davis, Elizabeth Andrews, Serene Isley, and David AndrewsVideo Clip available at Serene Isley’s Bound Beauties

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