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Belle Davis & Elizabeth Andrews : Tightly Tied Belle Tries To Free Herself  - Belle is seated waiting on Elizabeth to enter with an escape challenge. Elizabeth enters cutting a striking figure with a high slit skirt showing off a stocking and garter. She tells Belle to stand up and grabs a piece of rope tightly binding Belle’s elbows together. Moving down she takes a rope and binds Belle’s wrists together laying her forearms tightly on each other. Rotating her around Elizabeth unbuttons one of Belle’s blouse clasps easing the pressure on the shirt and showing her a large pair of purple panties that she intends to stuff into her mouth. Elizabeth fills poor Belle’s mouth and then seals the gag in with a few wraps of silver tape. Belle is then directed by Elizabeth to kneel down and she kneels behind her tightly binding her ankles together. Satisfied that the ankles are secure Elizabeth then wraps Belle with a tight body cinch rope cinching her arms to her body. Finally she’s hogtie roped from her wrists to her ankles. Belle first kicks of her high heels showing off her nyloned soles and getting to work untying her hogtie rope. Bending down she starts untying her hogtie rope but eventually has to work her way down to her butt finally getting the rope undone. She has a bit of trouble getting her prying fingers to her ankle rope but strains her tightly bound arms trying to reach. Belle eventually gets the knot holding her ankles together and gets herself to her feet. Realizing that she only had to get herself free enough to leave the room she makes a couple of calls through her gag and then finally runs out of the room to find someone to finish untying her.

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