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Ballet boot practice in my latex catsuit, followed by a strict leather strap hogtie - Elizabeth Andrews : Latex catsuit, ballet boots, strict leather strap hogtie - One of my overall best selling clips!

@EnchantressSahr : Latexed, Leathered, and Led HD - -
Sahrye is dressed in a white latex top, red latex waist cincher and a black latex skirt when Mr Big Boss gags her before taking a huge posture collar and strapping it on her tightly. Grabbing his trusty Ledermeister armbinder Sahrye finds her arms drawn tightly behind her back by the taut leather. Laced up and held in place by it’s yoke, Mr Big Boss takes a piece of rope and binds her arms off to her body before taking another and harnessing her upper body as well. Another rope is added to hobble off her red high heeled feet and she’s now tightly bound, gagged, and ready to be led around by her intense posture collar. A few passes and she demonstrates that the hobble makes things a bit harder when led around with a few missteps here and there. Finally Mr Big Boss tires of making her walk back and forth and redoes her ankle bondage more tightly and places her ankles together. Then upon standing up he has her rotate for him showing off her tightly bound curves. With a bit more fondling and rubbing of her latex clad body Mr Big Boss finally excuses himself leaving her bound and standing in his office. She struggles and moans enjoying being the latex clad object of desire and making sure to put on a good show for the people she knows are watching.

Enchantress Sahrye : Forced Into Fetish -  - Enchantress Sahrye is relaxing on her couch when suddenly a mystery woman appears in tight black leather with a bag full of goodies. She forces Sahrye to strip out of her dress and then after going into her bag grabs some clothes for her to change into. Sahrye is handed a catsuit, waist cincher, and some high heeled boots which she quickly puts on before Elizabeth moves in handgagging her with leather gloves before grabbing a head harness panel ballgag and gagging her with it. A shiny leather armbinder is next and is placed on her arms before Elizabeth zips it up and strapping it about her shoulders effectively rendering a by now very turned on Sahrye’s arms useless. A blindfold is next and Elizabeth has some fun grabbing her, groping her, and hand gagging her before ordering her to turn in a circle and struggle to show herself off. Rope is then added around her armbinder and ankles before Elizabeth moves in behind her removing her blindfold. A final round of groping and Elizabeth walks out of Sahrye’s fantasies leaving her to struggle in her tight bondage against the wall.

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